About us - The ULLENBOOM Story

Everything started a couple of years ago. In Germany, it is common for young parents to buy a "Krabbeldecke" for their newborn. The exact translation of the word would be a "crawling blanket." A more common word for it in the US is "baby play mat" or “padded quilt.”

There are many reasons why the Krabbeldecke is so popular in Germany. A typical German home rarely has carpeted floors, so parents want their babies to be safe and comfortable during tummy time, crawling and learning their first steps.

One of many satisfied ULLENBOOM customers: “This blanket helped Abby more than once, because she kept falling on her back. Also, I had the feeling that wherever we were, at grandparents’, friend’s etc. my Abbey felt right at home the second she laid on the blanket that smelled and felt so familiar”

After all it's what all parents share all across the world - the love for their children.

Therefore, since every "good," new parent must have a "Krabbeldecke,” while pregnant with my first child, I was looking for one on the internet and in little shops in Cologne area. The only “Krabbeldecke” I could find were either very colorful or decorated with famous cartoon characters. I wanted something that would be fun and cheerful, but also complement my modern style.

Unfortunately, at that point I did not yet know how to make my own “Krabbledecke.” A few years later, I learned the technique of sewing a “Krabbeldecke” from my grandmother. During the pregnancy with my second child, I was in the same situation again - there wasn’t a “Krabbledecke” out there that suited me. Even looking at patchwork quilts did not meet my needs, as they either had too much contrast or were very traditional. This was the moment when I decided to make my own Krabbeldecke.

I sewed my first Krabbeldecke for my second child, Lotti. Immediately, my friends, relatives and other parents asked me where I got it. So I started to sew for them. At some point I asked myself, if so many friends like my blankets why not offer them online, so that others can purchase them?

The sales of Krabbeldecken started to flourish. Being the creative designer, I was not certain how to bring my product ideas to the next level. Luckily this was around 2015, when I ran into Ole, a young business post-grad who lived nearby. Ole seemed quite adventurous and I decided to just go ahead and ask him.

Katrin told me about her young brand and showed me the products. I was really enthusiastic about the idea to make those blankets available to more people.” - Ole

This was the moment when ULLENBOOM was born. By the way, Ole's last name is ULLENBOOM.
We liked the sound of it and it perfectly suited our vision.

I was always inspired by Scandinavian, minimalistic designs that incorporate color and interesting patterns.

In 2017 Ole called up his university friend Tim and asked him if he would like to work with him on a new and inspiring business idea: bringing ULLENBOOM to the US. I had the feeling it would not take much to convince Tim, either. One year later, in December 2018, we started our online shop in the US.

I would have never dreamed that this business idea would become a successful company so quickly. What the boys (Ole, Philipp and Tim) are doing is incredible! It makes me happy and proud to see how many parents and babies live on and with my products, every day and now even in the US.

Your Katrin


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