Our manufacturing


Honest hand-work with heart and soul 

It requires highly skilled craftsmanship to create our unique products. We make no comprises when it comes to quality and working conditions. 

High Quality


Ullenboom products are handcrafted with two things: the highest quality materials and a whole lot of soul! We truly believe that quality goes hand-in-hand with a great working environment.

While we can’t manufacture our products without the help of sewing machines, every piece of material we use passes through the hands of our highly trained sewers. They carefully ensure that the quality is just right.
Before a finished product is shipped to you, it is subject to a second level of quality control, which guarantees that it meets your expectations as well as our own.  

A great community

It’s not all about work here at Ullenboom, though! We have an amazing team that meets up for a huge party every summer. The close collaborations and the fun we have together is just one reason why our products get better and better every year!

 Ullenboom and manufacturing team together

Ouf founder Katrin taking selfies ;)

Tim giving Skipping a go...